About 27 million paper business cards are printed daily.

That's more than 7 million trees every year.

We reinvented the business card
to bring this down to zero.

  • Create your very own contact card in seconds
  • Share your contact details just like a magic trick
  • Be eco-friendly and support our nature
  • Never lose any contacts thanks to our self-updating contact cards

How it works

Create and share your digital business card in seconds. The best part is; the people you share your card with don't need the app.

Here is how it works:
1. Get the app and sign up.
2. Create your Contact ID by adding your contact details.
3. Share via QR Code with your Smartphone, Android or Apple Watch or with one of our NFC Smart Cards - simply by tapping it.

🌳Let's save over 7 million trees together! Stop using paper business cards.


  • Share your contact details: email, phone number, location
  • Link your social & messenger networks
  • Profile picture & company logo
  • Link your PayPal to accept payments
  • Accept calendar appointments with Calendly

Self-updating contacts

People can’t update their numbers in your phone’s contact list. We all know well how it goes when numbers, emails or social media accounts change. This burden ends with our smart contact cards. Simply update your contact details and it will be synced with your connections.

Don’t lose people you meet. Make sure they find a way to stay in touch with you.

A new way to exchange contact details -
it's time to upgrade your Business Card.
Contactless & Reusable.

Available soon
Black Card
Available soon
Metal NFC BusinessCard2.0
Available soon
Classic Card Custom Name
Available soon
Bamboo Card
Available soon
MyContact Desk
Available soon
NFC KeyChain

For business

Isn’t networking essential? The way we connect says a lot about us. In 2021, paper-printed business cards don’t have a place anymore, it's time to upgrade.

Make your team shine with your very own corporate branding. We can design reusable smart cards for your company.

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Our sustainability commitment

We realized that paper business cards have an environmental impact. This segment alone costs our planet more than 7 million trees yearly which leads to deforestation and habitat destruction. What happens to business cards when people leave their jobs? What happens when numbers change? Print new ones? This must stop now. Connect smarter today.

Our dream and goal is to make the world stop using paper business cards, forever, and with your help we can make this happen.

We support support reforesting damaged forestlands after wildfires to help restore nature.

Our Vision: make the World stop using Paper Business Cards, forever.

Our Mission: make Networking an amazing experience.

We fight deforestation in two ways:

1. Our App is the solution to the problem - reusable BusinessCard.
2. We plant trees with our own hands with part of our profits.

🌳Let's save over 7 million trees together! Stop using paper business cards.

"A tree has a more important role than becoming a business card."

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